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Home Measurement Services Houston
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Home Measurement & Sketch

In many cases today, the county appraisal district has a gross living area that is different than what the actual gross living area of a home truly is. With competition high, it is more important than ever to have an accurate, confirmed handle on the living area of your home and to know if the county records or builder’s data are wrong.
Realtors have a responsibility to report accurate gross livings areas for their listings and trusting the county or builder plans can often lead to mistaken measurements.
In many cases, realtors will meet home owners who are certain that the county measurements of their homes are incorrect. Let our team of experienced appraisers get you an accurate measurement of any house to ensure that you know what size your home is before you list it, not when the lender’s appraiser comes to appraise the house. Gross living area misunderstandings are often the reason for deal falling through just before closing.
Plus, with a sketch from an Accurity Acorn Appraiser in hand, you can use this is marketing material for the listing and you can even provide the sketch to the buyer’s appraiser. You will be surprised how many times the appraiser is willing to check a few measurements on the sketch and adopt it as their own. This helps you have some control in the outcome of the buyer’s appraisal.

Accurity Acorn Appraisal can complete two types of home measurements.

  • A Standard Home Measurement is the most popular type of home measurement and resembles the type of sketch you would see in a full appraisal report. This product with get you a layout of the home’s floors, with room locations, and the gross living area of the property. This service can be helpful in assisting homes owners or realtors list their homes. Knowing your correct gross living area can assist in marketing your property or answer the long-standing question you have about the accuracy of the county appraisal district’s measurements.
  • Floor Plan Recreation is useful when you the entire floorplan recreated. This sketch goes beyond confirming the size of the gross living area but also recreates the interior rooms, doors, appliances, and plumbing fixture. The sketch illustrates basic room dimensions. This product is a great way to market your listing or when you are looking to make additions or changes to your home.Our appraisers utilize the American National Standards Institute protocol adopted by the National Homebuilders Association for measuring square footage.

Give us a call now to order your sketch at 713-681-8878!